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Aleš Udir

14. December 2022.

Aleš Udir

Aleš Udir

Head of Marketing at Iskratel

Aleš currently serves as the Head of Marketing at Slovenia’s major infocommunications vendor Iskratel, where he started his career already in the middle of his studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University in Ljubljana in 2006. He majored in marketing communications and public relations, which allowed him to immediately begin transforming the knowledge and skills into practice. He aims to increase the importance of marketing, which he sees as a philosophy that should be embedded in every aspect of the company.

Since 2006, he went from being a Marketing Communications Specialist to an Event Manager and finally to the Head of Marketing, successfully completing several large-scale projects in the process – from the introduction of a new portfolio brand, implementation of a new corporate graphical identity, to the execution of annual event plans on a global scale. He actively participates in strategic planning and developing new approaches to internal communications – improving the company’s performance by empowering its employees.

As a marketing entrepreneur, he is constantly looking for new and exciting things, especially those with an outstanding marketing potential. He strives not only to innovate himself, but also the way marketing impacts the business.

He lives in a picturesque village in the Gorenjska region with his girlfriend. He tries to dedicate as much time as possible to travelling, exploring foreign cultures and meeting interesting people. His passions are gastronomy, internal design, photography and snooker.

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