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Aleksandar Eric

General director and founder of the company “Harmonity Group”. He was born on January 23, 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Father of three children. He graduated from Heig-VD University in Switzerland, majoring in Software Development. He started his career in the IT sector at the age of 15 as a software engineer in a Swiss insurance company. After graduation, he started working as a coordinator in a telecommunications company, where he learned to communicate, work in a team, and build new goals in management. He then worked as a support specialist at the Swiss National Hospital, from where he quickly moved to an American pharmaceutical company, where as an IT generalist he covered all technical aspects of business, from IT architecture and infrastructure to event organization and mobile device management. During this experience, he began to attend the School of Management and very quickly became a business analyst in an agricultural and food company, two years after graduation he got the position of Project Manager and carried out, for Swiss companies, the first data migration from the “cloud” ( cloud) to the Microsoft ecosystem. After leading various projects, Aleksandar decided to expand his knowledge and activities, including types of clients and projects, and to add the role of Program Manager to his career, which is why he moved to a consulting company. A year later, he became the director of the design department of this same company and created his offer for business consulting. As he always had an entrepreneurial way of thinking, in December 2020, Aleksandar founded “Harmonity DOO”, a company which in April 2021, after merging with “Pixels2Pixels studio DOO”, became “Harmony Solutions DOO”. “Harmony Group” has about 40 employees and five departments (Pixels2Pixels, Solutions, Business Consulting, Academy, and R&D). He is a pioneer in the development of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Metaverse (blockchain), as well as architecture visualization. Aleksandar is the recipient of the Order of Merit from the Institute for Project Management in 2020, in recognition of his exceptional success in certification. He speaks English, French, German and Italian. His hobbies are reading, sports, and traveling, as well as following new technologies and innovations through constant education, information, and exchange of experiences.


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