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Andrea Vaci

14. December 2022.

Andrea Vaci

Andrea Vaci

I, Andrea Vaci (born Karó) was born on 9 May 1979 in Subotica, to a wonderful family as a second child.

I am a mother of 12 year-old girl Larisa Vaci, who was born on 24 September 2004, and now attends bilingual sixth grade of an elementary school in Subotica.

I speak Hungarian and Serbian language.

I finished elementary and high school in my hometown. During high school (Medical High School Subotica), I was an activist – volunteer at the Red Cross Subotica where I actively participated in organizing humanitarian actions, races, events, camps and various trainings.

From 2000 to 2007, I was employed by the Red Cross Subotica as an associate for health education and prevention activities and as an organizer. During my work at the Red Cross, I already had a lot of contact and extensive cooperation with the media.

Since 2008, I have worked in the city administration of the city of Subotica, at the Mayor’s Office. I worked in the Office of Protocol, and I have been working at the Media Center of the City Hall (City Press room) since its opening in 2009.

During the past eight years, the Media Center has been at the service of journalist on a daily basis, providing adequate interlocutors from the City Hall to the media, promoting numerous cultural events, festivals, sports events and other activities of the City.

Figures talk best about results. More than 4000 pieces of information, notifications, invites, announcements, press releases and competitions have been sent from the Media Center. Over 700 press conferences have been held. Respecting the multi-ethnic environment, information in Serbian, Hungarian and Serbian language arrive from the Media Center on a daily basis.

I acquired higher education – basic vocational studies at the study program Marketing and Trade in March 2016, when I graduated from Belgrade Business School.

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