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Andrej Jovanović

Andrej Jovanović

CEO at Moji brendovi

Vision Manager Award

Mr. Jovanovic began career in 1995 with the establishment of “Marbo Product” company which became the absolute leader in the snack industry in the country and in the entire region of Southeastern Europe. In 2008 the snack industry world leader, PepsiCo multinational company acquired it. In 2006 he founded “Anbo” company which includes “Maglic” farm, “Ikarus” tooling and molding factory and “David Pajic Daka” company for production, installation and servicing of elevators. In 2012 co-founded “Medigroup”, the first private health platform which consolidates the private health sector. In 2014 started working on “Blok A” complex, the largest residential project in Belgrade. In 2015 in cooperation with “Mid Europa Partners” investment fund, participated in the acquisition of “Danube Foods Group” after which became General Manager of “Moji brendovi”, composed of “Imlek”, “Mlekara Subotica”, “Bambi”, “Knjaz Milos” as well as dairies in Macedonia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro owned by “Imlek”. In 2016 he became one of the owners of “KBM bank” from Kragujevac. In 2017 Findomestic Bank and Piraeus Bank are acquired and these three banks are incorporated in „Direktna banka“ . He participated in the marketing and strategy development of “Big Pizza” brand chain sales within “Mimteamfood” company. In cooperation with “Hilton” multinational company, he participated in project development and construction of the first 5-star hotel in Belgrade which was opened in March. He is the Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of the following companies: “Imlek“, “Bambi“ and “Knjaz Milos“.


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