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Betûl Mardin

14. December 2022.

Betûl Mardin

Betûl Mardin

I.M.A.G.E. Public Relations – Honorary President

Betûl Maradin is a graduate of the American College in Istanbul.

She worked first as a journalist, then as a producer for the Turkish State Radio and Television (TRT). Following a training course at the BBC (’67) she formed the Drama Department of the newly founded Turkish State Television (TRT) in Ankara (’68).

Since 1968, Betûl Maradin has focused all her activities in the field of public relations and has been the leader in establishing public relations as a career in Turkey. 1989 Betûl Mardin has given lectures at the Journalism and Public Relations Faculty of Istanbul University and the Boğaziçi University. Since 1997 she lectures and heads the department of Public Relations of the Istanbul Bilgi University.

Betûl Mardin was President of HID/Public Relations Association of Turkey for seven years. 1976- 1982 and later on she was elected to the IPRA (International Public Relations Association) Board as the Chairman of the Finance Committee in 1991 and held this position for two years. Later in 1994, she was elected as IPRA’s President for 1995. In 1998, she was chosen as Member Emeritus by IPRA, an honour given for the services she has rendered to the advancement of the profession. She was also a member of CERP (European Public Relations Confederation). Mrs Mardin was the founding president of HDD (PR. Cons. Assoc in 1996). Besides an honorary PhD degree in communication from the Anotolian University in 1998, she has received various international and national awards for her services and has also written a text book for her lectures at the Universities.

She established I.M.A.G.E. Public Relations in 1987, along with her partners, Canan Bengiserp, Cemal Noyan and Cemal Karman and she remains the Honorary President of the Company. The partners have also formed Strateji Public Relations which is an affiliate of Weber Shandwick Worldwide INC.

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