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Biagio Carrano

14. December 2022.

Biagio Carrano

Biagio Carrano

Director of eastCOM Consulting


Biagio Carrano is the director of eastCOM Consulting (http://eastcom.it/) from Belgrade, a consulting company which specializes in internationalization, corporate communication, and digitization, which he founded in 2008. Since then, he has led the complete development of new foreign investments in Serbia, successfully designed and implemented digital publishing projects, and, together with entrepreneurs, turned their projects into profitable reality. Biagio has launched Serbian Monitor in 2013 to offer investors and entrepreneurs, as well as scholars and curious readers, a daily updated and unbiased view about economy, politics and social and cultural life in the Republic of Serbia.

He has also been a coach for 15 years in various business schools and universities (Il Sole 24 ORE and Politecnico di Milano) and a columnist for various newspapers, Italian and international, writing about topics like corporate communication, digital transformation, transition economies and cognitive capitalism. In his blog L’Immateriale (http://limmateriale.net/), Biagio investigates the impact of digital transformation on companies and society but you can also find his reviews of the books he has read and narrative writings.

Lecture intro

Populism Between Algorithms and Fake News: What PRs Can Learn From Recent Italian Elections

The Italian parliamentary elections, held on March the 4th, were preceded by numerous alarms on the risk of their manipulation through the diffusion of fake news and through micro profiling through social media. On its side, the Italian Police launched a channel where to report fake news, an initiative that spread deep concern among PR and communication professionals as well as journalists and jurists.

The landslide victory of Five Star Movement and Lega Nord has been seen by many commentators as a confirmation of the power of “foreign algorithms” in forging the public opinion of Western states.  But which communication and digital PR strategies and tools have been used by Five Star Movement and Lega Nord to reach such triumph? Have they relied on fake news and micro profiling?

Some findings will point towards unpredicted conclusions.

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