22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Carlos Chaguaceda

14. December 2022.

Carlos Chaguaceda

Title at PRO PR Awards: Communications Director of the Museo del Prada of Madrid

“Carlos is a communications director from 2002 in different companies and institution. He studied journalist in Madrid and worked 6 years in economic newspaper specialized in stock markets and finances. In 1994 moved to Antena3Television (the most important private channel) as deputy director of news and in 1998 as correspondent in Brussels. Later, again in Madrid, he worked in Telefónica (1 year) , Coca-Cola (11 years) and Unesa ( utilities lobby association, 2 years).
Before been Communications Director at the Prado Musseum, he worked in the Madrid Region Governement as Tourism Managing Director.

He has published two books about communications and another one of scientific divulgation. He was President of Coca-Cola Happiness Institute, a project created in Spain and exported to many other countries in the Coca-Cola Company.”

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