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Darko Juka

14. December 2022.

Darko Juka

Darko Juka

Head of Corporate Communications at Aluminij and Gallery Aluminij

Darko was born in 1981 in Mostar, where he finished school, graduated in journalism, and is now preparing a final paper for post-graduate study in diplomacy and diplomatic communication.

During his ten-year long career in journalism he worked for numerous Croatian newspapers and broadcast media. He also left his mark on literature by publishing two collections of poems: Sjetni tragovi and Usud tišine, after which he stepped in professional waters by publishing a book – Handbook for newspaper journalists.

Darko has been working in Aluminij Mostar since 2009. All this time, working for the largest B&H Exporter, he has been successfully developing public relations and a number of related activities, especially focusing on corporate social responsibility.

His personal development was followed by his professional growth so his career advanced from a referent in public relations, through the Head of Public Relations Office, to the Head of Corporate Communication and Aluminij Gallery.

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