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Emilija Lilić

She has been in communications business for 30 years, a third of that – as a part of the Tigar Tyres and Michelin group.
She started as a professor of literature. Then she continued as a journalist in Radio Pirot and editor-in-chief. As a correspondent of Radio Free Europe, she learned a lot from the best journalists in the Europe. She completed many of the BBC courses and won numerous national journalism awards.
She continued her career in corporate communications with responsibility in fields of the external, internal communication and CSR at the Tigar AD, and in the meantime she completed additional studies in the International Public Relations Association business school, department of public relations.
At the Tigar Tyres, within the Michelin Group, with around 4,000 employees, she is living her dream where she can fully express her creative ideas and make them reality while working with wonderful people and co-workers.
In her spare time, she draws and makes documentaries.


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