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Ian Farrow

Ian Farrow is the Managing Director of Westco Communications – a renowned marketing, research, and PR agency for public service with an ethos of maximizing social good through strategic communications. He has developed strategic communications in public service for over 20 years working for local government organizations, campaigning groups, charities, and public services, and currently as Managing Director of Westco which delivers services to more than 30 public sector organizations serving around 7.5 million people across the UK. He is dedicated to the continuous development of marketing and communications in the public sector and has been a member of both the PRCA Council and UK Government GCS council and judged national awards for the sector. Ian has co-authored national public sector reputation guidance in the UK and helped drive strategic communications improvement through training or development of models. The agency he manages has helped train 1,000 public servants per year and develops and implements models of communications used widely in the public sector. Ian is especially proud to have led Westco Communications to achieve the coveted Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) award of agency of the year in 2016.


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