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Irena Šarić Dombaj

Irena Šarić Dombaj

Title at PRO PR Awards: Corporate Communication Director at L’Oreal Balkans  Adria region

Irena Šarić Dombaj has been working in the field of communications for more than 15 years.
After studies at the Faculty of Science, mastered in chemistry, she started her professional
career as a Technology and products counselor at L'Oreal subsidiary in Zagreb.
Her career was further built upon graduation at London School of Public Relations, when her
career was directed in the field of communications, all leading to her current role as a
Corporate Communications Director for Adria region at L’Oréal Adria-Balkan, directly in
charge for Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and 3 more countries in the region. One of
the most recognized project lead by Irena is National program For Women in Science,
already present for 13 years in Croatia and Slovenia.
Irena is also active in professional organizations, currently leading country coordination for
European Association of Communication Directors. She is active as a guest lecturer at several
educational institutions in Croatia and actively cooperating with students in


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