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Jelenka Voćkić-Avdagić

14. December 2022.

Jelenka Voćkić-Avdagić

Jelenka Voćkić-Avdagić, PhD

Faculty of Political Sciences, Sarajevo

Jelenka Voćkić-Avdagić is a full-time professor at the Department of Communication Sciences of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo where she served as Vice-Dean for the International Cooperation, Vice-Dean for Lectures, and Head of the Department of Journalism. She also co-directed the University Linkage Project between University of Sarajevo and Rutgers University in New Jersey.

She is currently helding courses in: Contemporary Communication Systems, Corporate Media and Public Broadcasters and Contemporary Communication Theories, State Management and NGOs and Strategic Communication, which is a specifically oriented course toward educating students in the field of public relations and organizational communication.

Mrs. Voćkić-Avdagić authored: Contemporary Communications – Un/Safe Game of the World, Political Communication and Democratic Consolidation, Development of Communication Processes and Systems and BH. Society, co-authored Media and Minorities in BiH, and co-edited New Media – Theory and Practice – Implications for Changing World.

Her articles have been published in magazines throughout Europe.

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