22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Jernej Smisl

30. September 2023.

Jernej Smisl

Jernej’s extensive career showcases his expert corporate communication and marketing knowledge. His past role as the Corporate Consultant Director at Pristop Group was a testament to his leadership skills and in-depth understanding of various aspects of communication, such as corporate communications, crisis management, public affairs, and internal communications. Jernej is a proven strategist who knows how to craft a narrative and navigate through complex issues.

His academic achievements further exemplify his deep interest and commitment to his field. Having completed an Executive Master’s in Sport Governance, Jernej possesses a unique understanding of European sports governance structures and policies. Additionally, his Strategic Marketing Executive program at the prestigious Said Business School at the University of Oxford has further honed his strategic thinking and marketing skills.

As a former Chief Marketing Officer at VIDAA (Hisense Group) and the Head of Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communication at a major Slovenian bank Nove KBM, Jernej has demonstrated his ability to spearhead high-stake projects, forge strong relationships with stakeholders, and deliver measurable results.

His experience as the Corporate Affairs Director at Heineken underlines his proficiency in managing corporate relationships and ensuring efficient communication across all levels of an organization. Starting his career as the Head of the MEP Cabinet at the European Parliament has provided Jernej with a solid foundation in European politics and policies, which has undeniably been beneficial throughout his subsequent roles.

In summary, Jernej’s varied and high-level experience, coupled with his extensive academic background, makes him an influential figure in the realms of marketing and corporate affairs. He’s a dynamic leader with an impressive track record, having worked for multiple industry-leading organizations in key positions. His prowess in handling corporate communications and strategic marketing is commendable.

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