22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Judita Vrečar

14. December 2022.

Judita Vrečar

Marketing Manager at Steklarna Rogaška

After finishing studies at Ljubljana Faculty of Art in a constantly changing world, Ms. Vrečar has always dared to take the lead and shape her own future. She started in the hospitality business and then from 2000 to 2014 has been PR and marketing director in Steklarna Rogaška. Since 2014 she has been PR director and executive business assistant to CEO. Ms. Vrečar has made her own choices to create a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life and work by maintaining good internal and external communication. She is still not afraid after more than 30 years of experience to break the boundaries that hold us back. Being known as the most creative when working together with her colleagues, their customers, and consumers show how much she appreciates teamwork in PR. Her team’s creativity serves a purpose – Making everyday extraordinary. She holds herself accountable for the highest standards because she knows that her actions always have an impact. She appreciates the little things, as she knows that, in the end, they have a big impact on our future.Ms. Vrečar is proud and happy to be a member of extraordinary PR people!

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