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Ksenija Benedetti

14. December 2022.

Ksenija Benedetti

Counsellor for business communication and protocol, lecturer at Primorska University, former Chief of State Protocol

Ksenija Benedetti was first appointed in July 2000 as the chaplain of the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia. During the eighteen years of her career, many historical events took place in the Republic of Slovenia, which she and her colleagues prepared and performed, including the first official royal visit to the Republic of Slovenia – visit to the Queen of Denmark, summit Bush – Putin, visit of the Japanese princess, meeting of sixteen of the Presidents of Central European Countries, first exchange of President of our country (Milan Kučan – Dr. Janez Drnovšek), official visits of the Spanish, Swedish and Jordanian royal couple and the Queen of the Republic of Slovenia, twice meeting of CEFTA Prime Ministers, meeting of the Prime Ministers of the Central European Initiative, meeting of Brdo Presidents The Brijuni Process, a meeting of five presidents on the 20th and 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia, events on Slovenia’s accession to the European Union, the Euro area, and events on the fall of the Schengen border. The highlight of her professional challenge was the protocol and logistical preparation and implementation of Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2008 (all events at ministerial level and above), including the implementation of all the so-called Ministerial meetings, meetings of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia with the European Commission and the European Union – United States Summit in Slovenia, together with the host countries, the European Union – LAC Summit (in Peru), the European Union – China and the European Union – Russia. Her special challenge was the preparation and implementation of the visit of British Queen Elizabeth II to Slovenia in autumn 2008, the visit of US President G. W. Bush in 2008, and the three visits of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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