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Ljiljana Burzan-Nikolić

14. December 2022.

Ljiljana Burzan-Nikolić

Ljiljana Burzan-Nikolić

Executive Director at the BI Communication, Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Donja Gorica, Project Director for the Top 100 in Montenegro, blogger at ljiljakaze.me


Ljiljana Burzan-Nikolić graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, where she received her MA in 2000 on the topic in field of Public Relations. She has been studying and practicing PR for more than 20 years.

She has conceptualized and implemented dozens of campaigns, among which are: Citizens’ Association for the Protection of Herceg Novi – Stop silos in Zelenica (Društvo građana za zaštitu Herceg Novog – Stop silosima u Zelenici), Day of the Sun – The Sun shines the same for everyone (Dan sunca – Sunce svima isto grije), Second International Book Fair – Read the life, live the book (Drugi međunarodni sajam knjiga – Pročitaj život, proživi knjigu), WWF – Be smart, plan for the reform (hidropower plant in Morača) (WWF – Pamet u glavu, plan na popravni (hidrocentrale na Morači)), Center for Vocational Education – Vocational education is crucial (Centar za stručno obrazovanje – Stručno je ključno), Brewery Trebjesa – Recycling is not a hassle (Pivara Trebjesa – Reciklaža nije gnjavaža), Ster Cinema – Opening (Ster Cinema – otvaranje), Save the children – Do not turn your head (Save the children – Ne okreći glavu), Ex Yu Fest 08 – The lasting connection (Ex Yu Fest 08 – Ima neka trajna veza), Career team – Direct way to  the employer (Career team – Pravac poslodavac), International Puppetry Festival – Already in the heart (Međunarodni festival lutkarstva – Već u srcu), Top 100 in Montenegro – Let’s talk about the successful (100 najvećih u Crnoj Gori – Pričajmo o uspješnima).

In 2012, she founded and implemented the International Puppetry Festival in Podgorica (and other cities of Montenegro), and in 2018 she started the project of the Top 100 in Montenegro.

Ljiljana launched a personal business blog named ljiljakaze.me, whose goal is to educate, point out the latest trends and work on the improvement of individuals, business environment and business ethics.

She is the winner of the ISKRA Philanthropy Excellence Award, a special recognition for civil contribution to the common good, for the organization of the Puppetry Festival.

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