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Melina Kamerić

PR and Communications Specialist at Al Jazeera Balkans

Melina Kamerić, studied comparative literature and library science at the University of Sarajevo. Attended London School of Public Relations. Survived the siege of Sarajevo. During the almost 30 years of professional career she was 68W or in civilian code a paramedic at the Bosnian Army, interpreter, liaison officer, fixer, public relations specialist, negotiator, information officer, media adviser, events manager, head of protocol, columnist, screenplay writer. She was in charge of international relations and international media office at Sarajevo Film Festival and has some pretty cool photos with celebrities.
Melina worked on several art projects for which she authored the concept as well as the copyright. She produced over 150 documentaries and TV interviews. Once upon a time she wrote a book of short stories titled Shoes for the Oscars. She believes in six degrees of separation and is both a cat and a dog person.
She worked for: MSF (Medicines sans Frontiers Holland), City Link Amsterdam, British Council, Davidoff Geneva, Max Factor (ORBICO), McDonalds, Sarajevo Film Festival, Coca Cola HBC Adria, ICMP, ICRC, UNESCO, Patton Aliance – Belgium, LisicaLisica, BuyBook Sarajevo, Leptir Production – Zagreb, MESS – Sarajevo, National Gallery BiH. She runs PR for her famous conceptual artist sister, Šejla Kamerić.
Since 2011 she is in serious and steady professional relationship with Al Jazeera, were she works as a PR&Communications specialist.


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