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Miodrag Strugar

14. December 2022.

Miodrag Strugar

Miodrag Strugar

Radio Antena M – Chief Executive Officer

Miodrag Strugar was born in 1970. He started his career in communications as PR manager at the Montenegrin telecommunications company MONET (today T-Mobile) in 2002. During the privatization process of Telekom Montenegro in 2005, he was responsible for the communication processes, the external and internal communication and for the implementation of the sponsorship strategy in the privatized Telekom group.

Within the period 2006 – 2011, he was appointed as a Corporate Communication Director in Montenegrin Telekom, a part of Deutsche Telekom Group. In addition to this, he acted as a member of the International Communication Board of T-Mobile International for three years, while he was a member of International Communication Board of Deutsche Telekom Group since 2009 until the end of his engagement in Montenegrin Telekom.

Since November 2011, Mr. Strugar has been professionally employed as senior communication adviser in the Democratic Party of Socialists, predominant political party in Montenegro.

His expertise includes all aspects of public relations: media relations, internal and external PR, development and implementation of communication strategies, lobbying, crisis communications, event organization, design and implementation of PR campaigns, as well as development and implementation of socially responsible businesses and sponsorships.

Mr. Strugar is a member of the Board of Director of the Woman Handball Club Budućnost, which is currently the best women handball club in Europe. He was pre­sident of the Montenegrin PR Association and he was also active as a member of the Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Global Compact Initiative in Montenegro, established by the UNDP.

He has participated as a guest, lecturer and trainer in a wide range of congresses, seminars, conferences, round tables and schools for communication, and he has gained a significant experience in delivering trainings in the area of Public Relation, media relations, crisis communications and CSR for various prominent Montenegrin companies and organizations.

Mr. Strugar holds a degree in Serbo-Croatian (Ex-YU) language and literature from the University of Montenegro and is currently working on his Master thesis in PR. He is the author of the textbook for the subject Montenegrin Language, intended for the seventh grade of elementary school.


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