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Municipality of Golubac

21. March 2024.

Municipality of Golubac

The natural beauty of the place located on the widest part of the Dunav coast with the medieval fortress and the untouched nature of the national park in the hinterland, creates a unique romantic atmosphere. The nature of the national park, the historical and cultural heritage, and the width of the undulating Dunav are inexhaustible emotional and creative inspirations.

Golubac is the seat of the municipality with a total of 24 settlements. It is located at the entrance to the Đerdap gorge, on the right side of the river Dunav, which here is 6.5 km wide, so we can say that Golubac is the Serbian sea. Right next to Golubac is the Golubac Fortress – a medieval cultural and historical building and the medieval Tumane Monastery.

Study the history of where it happened, explore the Golubački grad Fortress, and visit the Tumane Monastery. Study nature and rare plants and animals in the Đerdap National Park. Enjoy numerous sports activities. Sail on the Dunav. Ride a bike along the EuroVelo 6 route and enjoy nature. Take a walk along the paths of health. Relax by swimming and fishing on the Dunav and Peko. Get to know the customs and heritage of this region. Try the pigeon specialties!


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