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Nataša Cesarec Salopek

14. December 2022.

Nataša Cesarec Salopek

Nataša Cesarec Salopek

IM&C – Senior PR consultant

Mrs. Cesarec Salopek graduated in marketing at the Faculty of Ecnomics and Business in Zagreb. She is employed in the IM&C agency since 2002 and today as a senior PR consultant she is working on numerous challenging communication projects with a focus on strategically driven communications. Since the beginnings of her career were related to banking and to the establishment of public relations in this field, she is very happy to merge words and numbers in her everyday work. Some of her most important projects that should be mentioned here are the preparation and implementation of annual communication strategies for clients from finance, insurance and hotel industry, infrastructures and local government and she especially loves internal communications where – particularly in demanding situations – her creativity and good timing come to expression and give great results.

Among the other projects she has worked on, the following should be mentioned: the merging of the Bank of Rijeka with the Erste & Steiermärkische Bank in 2003 where she managed the crisis communications segment; the creation and implementation of the annual communication strategy  for the Vaba Bank Varaždin, for the Varaždin County, for Croatia Insurance Society; the introduction of mediation as an alternative way of resolving legal disputes at USAID/Booz Allen Hamilton.

She held numerous communication skills, media and public speaking trainings. Some of her clients were the Bank of Rijeka/Erste & Steiermärkische Bank, Croatia Insurance Society, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Croatian Railways, the Varaždin County, the Croatian Insurance Bureau, the FIMA Group, MBU, ZSE, Nacional, HBOR.

Mrs. Cesarec Salopek is also a member of Croatian Public Relations Association.


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