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Nataša Jovanović

Nataša Jovanović

Director of the Identity and Communication Department at UniCredit Bank Serbia


Nataša Jovanović is the Director of the Identity and Communication Department at UniCredit Bank Serbia since January 2012, where she is in charge of all corporate and marketing activities of the bank. After completing her studies in the United States, she started her career in 2003 at the company Fresh & Co, as a Sales Director for HoReCa Channel. From 2004 to 2012, she worked at the Integrated Communications Agency, the Executive Group, in various positions, from Client Relations Manager to the Director of New Business and Customer Relations. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian.

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Implementation of SmartWorking Concept to All Employees at the Head Office of UniCredit Bank Serbia

UniCredit Bank is the first bank in Serbia to implement the Smart Working concept. The Identity and Communication Department played a key role in changing the way employees think and accepting a completely different way of working. When the awareness of employees is concerned, the various channels of communication and tools that have been used have contributed to their satisfaction, which was rated above four. Nearly constant addressing and informing about all the stages of relocation enabled employees to become more comfortable in the new space with the latest technologies. That way, at any given moment, the clients do not have an impression that anything is happening even though there are over 600 employees at the bank’s headquarters.


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