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Nikolina Zeljko

Nikolina Zeljko

Nikolina Zeljko is a Marketing & Community Manager at SPARK, a business complex that promotes new technologies and encourages the development of IT community in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Other than maximizing brand promotion, creating marketing campaigns and developing new ways to communicate SPARK’s message, Nikolina also oversees and manage the expansive event strategy at SPARK, which includes a number of conferences, workshops, meetups, contests, hackathons, forums, team-building events…  Although she has Master’s Degree in English and Art History, her passion is digital marketing. As a Marketing Manager with 6 years of experience, she’s worked for the companies eVjesnik, Cicero, Nula-Jedan and NSoft. When she’s not writing blog posts or helping SPARK’s startup get better media coverage, you can find her hitting the gym, reading books, and visiting museums all around Europe.


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