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Petra Juvančič

14. December 2022.

Petra Juvančič

Petra Juvančič

Director of Corporate Communications at Vzajemna Mutual Health Insurance

Petra Juvančič is the Director of Corporate Communications at Vzajemna Mutual Health Insurance, the largest health insurance company in Slovenia. Since 2013 she is also the Head of the Public Relations and Consumer Awareness Committee in the Slovenian Insurance Association.

In her 20+ year career in the media and communications industry she was first a newspaper journalist at the Slovenian daily newspaper Dnevnik. Later on she became a news presenter in the morning programme as well as journalist on prime time evening news at the POP TV, the largest commercial TV station in Slovenia. She also worked on a student show on local HIT radio. In 2000 she left the news business and went into PR consulting, working both on business and other PR projects.

In Vzajemna Mutual Healthy Insurance Company she was firstly responsible for establishment of the PR Department. As the Director for Corporate Communications she is now in charge of corporate communications as a whole – with media, employees, experts, the insured, etc. She also has a wide knowledge of health care systems both in Slovenia and abroad and is a member of various health care reform groups and associations.

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