22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Rafael Llopis

18. August 2023.

Rafael Llopis

After graduating in Law, I started my activity in the world of TV on the Telecinco channel in 1990. In this wonderful world, I enjoyed for 30 years in the companies Mediaset, MindShare, Cuatro TV, Canal+, and finally movistar+.

In 2020 I decided to be the protagonist of my life and became a Brand and Communication consultant for small and medium-sized companies.

I am currently Head of the Marketing Department at Revestech. Work that I combine with my passion for training and learning in different business schools and private companies.

On a personal level, I am passionate about my family (large in this case), friends, the sea, and handball.

Those who know me say of me: “he stands out for his energy, passion, soul, creativity, and knowledge. He is also a person who knows how to listen”.

My training project aims to continue drinking from the intellect of others, as well as to transfer my experiences and knowledge to leave a legacy, however small it may be.

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