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Smiljana Leinert Novosel

Smiljana Leinert Novosel


Smiljana Leinert Novosel is a professor in tenure at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. She has many scientific interests, but three of them specifically stand out. The first one is connected to the research methods in political sciences, while the second is focused on the gender policy studies, outlined with the specific cases of the transitional countries, as well as the post-socialist ones. The most important field od her scientific interest is connected to the public communication in the political and economic sphere.

She published many scientific papers in domestic and international academic journals and is the author of a few books, of which the following have to be mentioned: „Women- Political Minority“ (1990), „Woman on the Threshold of the 21st Century- between the Motherhood and Profession“ (1999), „Communication Compass“ (2014) and its expanded edition in 2015.

On the academic level, she obtained highest functions, such as the Dean and the Vice Dean function, as well as the head function in the journalism field of study at the Faculty of Political Science. She was also the president of the Social and Humanistic Council at the University of Zagreb and the president of the Croatian Communication Society. Recently, she was appointed to the presidential function of the Faculty of Political Science Council.


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