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Tamara Valenčič

14. December 2022.

Tamara Valenčič

Tamara Valenčič

Si.mobil – Corporate Communications and HRM Director

Tamara Valenčič is Corporate Communications and HRM Director at Si.mobil, second largest mobile operator in Slovenia, operational company of Telekom Austria Group.

She has gained her knowledge of corporate communications and human resources management during a career that has taken her from the government to the private sector. Her path began at the Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia, where she worked in the Foreign Media Relations Department.

She then moved to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, where she founded the public relations department, setting event management and leading the project Award for Extraordinary Achievements in Commerce and Small Business. After leaving the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she took on the position of consultant to the management board at SCT, at that time the largest Slovene construction company.

In 2002 she moved to Si.mobil, where she began working primarily in corporate communications. She has continually built upon her work, to the point where today, in addition to heading two strategic departments, she is also in charge of corporate social responsibility, managing Si.mobil’s corporate image, running corporate strategy process and being Si.mobil Compliance Manager.

Under her leadership, Si.mobil has won numerous awards in the field of internal communications, corporate social responsibility, corporate communication and HRM practices. Si.mobil is today known as one of the best Slovene employers, one of the most active Slovene company on Social media and a company with excellent corporate communication.

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