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Vladimir Čeh

14. December 2022.

Vladimir Čeh

Vladimir Čeh

Co-founder of Institute for the History of Advertising

Mr. Čeh graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. After years of working on Radio Belgrade and the launch of Radio 101, the first music formatted radio that didn’t broadcast the news, he became a director and creative director of IMS/STUDIO 6 in Belgrade, founder, CEO and creative director of MR ČEH, master workshop for the creation of communication, partner and director of the APPROACH agency, the first agency for communication management in ex-Yugoslavia, creative director of several advertising agencies, creator and editor-in-chief of ROADSTAR radio.

Long term president of the Belgrade chapter of the IAA (International Advertising Association), member of the IAA world board, President of the Association of Serbian Advertisers (UEPS) ant the UEPS Court of Honor. A member of the working group of the Media Center and the Department of Commerce to create the first Law on Advertising.

Winner of the Yugoslav Radio Television award for outstanding and lasting contribution to the development of advertising in JRT programs, UEPS Award – Lifetime Achievement for the development of the profession and promotion of the profession abroad. He has won many awards as an author, member of a team or a creative director. The founder and/or initiator, either independently or with partners: Foundationa „Round Table of Karlovac“, Institute for the History of Advertising and JFTK. He held lectures on media communication and promotion at the faculties and schools in the country.

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