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Vlatka Vučić Marasović

14. December 2022.

Vlatka Vučić Marasović

Vlatka Vučić-Marasović is a Head of the Section for Public Relations in the Prefect Office and the Zadar County Information Officer. She has been dealing with public relations since 2008, and since then she has been a member of HUOJ.

She has been the president of the Dalmatian branch of HUOJ since 2016; from 2017 to 2020, she was also a member of the Court of Honour of HUOJ and a member of the Grand Prix Jury for two years in a row.

In addition to the regional self-government, she worked for 15 years at the Croatian Radio Television – Radio Zadar as a journalist-editor in the news program.

In 2014, she completed the postgraduate specialist study in Public Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb and obtained the academic title of University Specialist in Public Relations. Additional education was preceded by education at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar, where in 1997 she graduated from the Department of Italian Language and Literature and the Department of Art History. She actively participates in all activities carried out by the Croatian Union of Counties in the area of public relations or in the implementation of seminars and events. She is the deputy president of the Working Group for Public Relations of the Croatian Union of Counties and together with other colleagues, participates in the positioning and profiling of the profession in the public sector and local and regional self-government.

For more than 30 years, he has been managing (moderating) programs and writing scripts for various manifestations and important events at the national level.

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