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Žarko Simović

Žarko Simović is the founder of the marketing and communication agency Media Craft from Novi Sad. Since 2004, he has been supporting and participating in the organization of the PRO PR congress. Before founding the Media Craft agency, Žarko Simović founded and managed the Klik FM radio station network in several cities in Serbia. For about ten years, he was the director of marketing and sales of the media company Radiodifuzno preduzeće 021 from Novi Sad, where he managed the marketing and sales sectors, radio and TV production, and agency work. He started his first job in the field of marketing and communications working in the non-governmental sector in Serbia in several positions. During his career, he attended a large number of educations in the country and abroad. He created and implemented education for people in media companies on jobs in the field of marketing, by profession he has a degree in economics.


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