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Zsofia Balatoni

A communication strategist and creative thinker, Zsofia has been advising brands and companies on how to connect and engage with their stakeholders in a meaningful and responsible manner for over 20 years. Both of the PR agencies she co-founded over the years have the privilege of working with the finest multinational companies on three continents. The purpose-driven stories, marketing, and PR campaigns they created in over 30 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia, have been recognized every year since 2014 by the most prestigious international awards, such as the Effies, the European Excellence Awards, the SABRE awards, the WARC awards, IPRA Golden World Awards, and many other local accolades. She is passionate about the role companies, and brands play in shaping the world we live in. Her area of expertise is corporate responsibility, diversity, and intercultural communication.


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