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PRO PR Vision manager award

PRO PR Vision Manager Award is an annual acknowledgement intended for president of the management board, CEO, sports director, sports event director, director of the cultural institution, cultural event director or a NGO project manager who kept or crated a positive image for their organisation by one of the following activities: placing new products and services on the market, managing a project which contributes to national interest, investing in sponsorships, investing in communication strategies of corporate social responsibility or other activities which have greatly improved perception of the organization.


  • Jože Mermal, Chairman of BTC Management Board (2012)
  • Emil Tedeschi, President and Chief Executive Officer at Atlantic grupa (2013)
  • Edhem Fočo, Director of Al Jazeera Network (2014)
  • Darko Šket, Former President of the Management Board at Pevec (2015)
  • Esad Zaimović, President of the Management Board of Hipotekarna banka (2016)
  • Martina Bienenfeld, Director of the Tourist Organization of City of Zagreb (2017)
  • Andrej Jovanović, CEO at Moji brendovi (2018)
  • Gordana Kovačević, President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla (2019)


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