22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Saša Popović, Nenad Danilović, Keith Ryan, the Municipality of Golubac and the National Academy of Public Administration are the winners of the PRO PR Awards

4. March 2024.

Saša Popović, Nenad Danilović, Keith Ryan, the Municipality of Golubac and the National Academy of Public Administration are the winners of the PRO PR Awards

In the last ten years, Serbia has been at the very top of the countries in terms of the increase in the number of employees in the IT industry. A large number of companies and individuals started this story from scratch, believing in their vision. One of them is Saša Popović, co-founder and executive director of VEGA IT, who will receive the “Vision Manager” recognition this year.
The “PRO PR Infigo Awards” recognition went to Nenad Danilović, the founder and editor-in-chief of the portal www.advertiser-serbia.com. As stated in the explanation, media signs promote and write about the communication industry, thus providing support to this industry, and creating additional value.

On the initiative of the organizing committee, the “PRO PR Globe Entrepreneur Awards” will be awarded for the first time this year. It is intended for individuals who have created a recognizable targeted professional business perception in their field of activity, are not too visible to the global public, but are known to targeted groups. Thanks to the fact that, with their capabilities and knowledge, they created a communication strategy that became noticeable within their industry, and thus they positioned themselves and attracted capital. This recognition went to Keith Ryan, founder and CEO of “Scanquo” from Great Britain.

The municipality of Golubac is this year’s winner of the “Vision City” recognition, which is awarded to a city that, thanks to stories, creates positive publicity for the destination and the country. Golubac is a municipality that increases the rating of Serbia in tourism, at this tourist destination the number of domestic and foreign visitors, as well as the number of good stories, increases year by year.

The “Transparency in Communication” recognition according to the rulebook is awarded for an exceptional contribution to transparency and accessibility. For the first time in 2019, the Hrvatska Zajednica Županija received this recognition for a transparent budget, which enabled citizens to gain insight into public spending. This year, the recognition goes to the National Academy for Public Administration, which from the first day of its work promotes the importance of education for employees in public administration with an emphasis on public relations. They create the most modern methodologies in education, connecting international experts, domestic experts, and the knowledge of individuals working in public administration.

The award ceremony will be held on March 15th in the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. At the ceremony, recognitions will be presented to the other 25 winners who come from 15 countries. The founder and president of the organizing committee, Danijel Koletić, announced that a new concept will be unveiled as part of this year’s awards.

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