22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Transparency, fake news, artificial intelligence and ethics

14. March 2024.

Transparency, fake news, artificial intelligence and ethics

The 21st international public relations conference PRO PR started today at the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, which will gather 220 participants from 16 countries in three days.

As the chairman of the organizing committee, Danijel Koletić pointed out during the opening ceremony: “Digital transformation changes not only communication possibilities but also constantly imposes new challenges in relations with the media. Transparency, fake news, artificial intelligence, and ethics are challenges in addition to cyber security that the public relations profession faces today, not only at national but also global levels. Creativity is the key to communication success, and only together, public relations experts who were and remain a key factor in reputation management can contribute to credibility through transparency, truthfulness, and credibility of information sources. I am proud that we are in Serbia for the fourth time and that leading experts in their field will talk and share their knowledge. The motto of this year’s conference is “New directions, new challenges”.

The organizers of this year’s conference, as in previous years in the country in which it is organized, also enabled the free participation of 50 students this year from four faculties, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. Tomorrow, as part of the conference, the PRO PR Globe Awards will also be awarded.

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