22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Sponsor of the PRO PR conference

25. April 2023.

Sponsor of the PRO PR conference

One of this year’s sponsors of the PRO PR conference is Henkel. The focus of the 20th anniversary edition will be: “Green public relations, green responsibilities”. 

“Our sustainability strategy is inspired by our purpose: Pioneers at heart for the good of generations. With our pioneering spirit, our knowledge, our products and technologies, we want to enrich and improve the lives of billions of people every day – and shape a viable future for the next generations.

Sustainability is thus a central element in our vision of the future. We want to actively drive the transformation to a sustainable economy and society, help protect and regenerate nature, contribute to strong communities and strengthen the trust of our stakeholders.

Our 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework sets our long-term ambitions in the three dimensions of Regenerative Planet, Thriving Communities and Trusted Partner and links to our high aspiration of achieving a “Transformational Impact for the Good of Generations”.”

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