22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Official coffee of the PRO PR conference

20. April 2023.

Official coffee of the PRO PR conference

“As a partner, Anamaria provides recognizable brands that enable end consumers to experience unique quality. For our clients, we create a corporate image and a series of special communication tools for each product to ensure the uniqueness of taste and service. Anamaria offers about fifty products that will conquer even the most demanding customer. Our assortment consists of coffee beans, ground coffee, cappuccino, instant coffee, hot choc drink, instant pudding, cocoa powder for cakes, cocoa drink for children, coffee bleach.
Anamaria Company d.o.o. produces and packages private labels for retail chains.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been brightening the day of all Anamaria product lovers with our coffee and coffee drinks for many years.”

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