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Ethem Numić

14. December 2022.

Ethem Numić

Ethem Numić

Violeta – Marketing Director

Ethem Numić has been Marketing Director in Violeta Company since 2001.

Since the beginning, he has been working on creating Violeta brand, one of the most famous brands of hygiene products in the region.

In addition to marketing knowledge and skills he is specialized in project management and has an engineering and technical knowledge for establishing production process leading of green field projects and building a complete architecture of a brand.

The most important success with Violeta brand and the team: gaining 31% of the diaper market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, gaining 62% of the market of baby wet wipes in BiH, gaining 30% of the market of sanitary napkins in BiH, gaining 65% of the market in BiH for kitchen towels Teta Violeta in Croatia, breakthrough and construction of a new image for Violeta brand in all countries of the region.

Mr Numić worked with company team in innovative concepts for Violeta products.

He lived in Munich from 1993 till 1998 and spent five years at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich working at different positions, from maintenance services and IT department to reception.

He studied Information Engineering in Belgrade and speaks fluently English and German.

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