22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Mario Plenković

14. December 2022.

Mario Plenković

Mario Plenković Ph.D

University of Maribor, Media Communications

President of Croatian Communication Association, Vice President of International Federation of Communication Associations, Scientific Advisor and Full Professor at the University of Maribor; Head of the Department of Communication Science and Head of the Specialized studies Communication Management, Editor in Chief of the scientific journal „Informatologia“ and „Media, Culture and Public Relations“, his name Mario Plenković, Ph.D.

Beside mentioned titles, he was chosen into a permanent academic position of full university professor and academic advisor in the Social sciences in the field of Information and Communication Sciences, the scientific discipline of Communication Science. He is a founder of many programs of studies in Slovenia and Croatia. This is only a slight glance in amazing accomplishments of this professor.

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