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Žikica Milošević

1. October 2023.

Žikica Milošević

Žikica Milošević is a regional editor of The Economist: World in 2024. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of portal KULTURA NA DLANU (Culture on your palm), the website of DVORCI SRBIJE (Castles of Serbia), the SKI YU magazine, and HELLO! TRAVEL, Bilingual Serbian-English special about tourism. He is also Editor-in-Chief for the regional issues for Serbia, Croatia, and North Macedonia of THE ECONOMIST: WORLD IN…

He was a moderator at many conferences with 8 years of experience.

Writing and editing many columns and sections in various magazines issued by Color Media Group. It includes:

BRAVA CASA – Italian-licenced monthly magazine about home design, furniture, and the culture of living. Editing sections: News, Theme of the number.

JOY – German-licenced lifestyle monthly magazine for women. Author’s column „From Man’s Corner“ (a male variant of „Sex and The City“), travelogues, and analytical texts about male-female relationships.

CKM – Polish-licenced lifestyle monthly magazine for men. Travelogues, analytical texts about travel, and music. Writing pop critics.

LEPOTA I ZDRAVLJE – Local monthly magazine about beauty, health, and lifestyle. The most popular and sold magazine in the region. Travelogues, analytical texts.

FHM – British-licenced lifestyle monthly magazine for men. Travelogues, analytical texts about travel.

AUTO START – Local monthly magazine about cars. Writing travelogues about destinations traveled by car exclusively.

TOP ZDRAVLJE – Local monthly magazine about health. Writing travelogues about spas and health tourism and tips about health.

TV NOVELE – Local monthly magazine about telenovelas. Writing travelogues about Spanish-speaking destinations.

SVETLocal weekly about celebrities and stars. Writing occasional columns about cultural phenomena.



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