22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

One planet, one mission

5. December 2022.

One planet, one mission

PRO PR The conference is the proud bearer of the implementation of the mission of several goals of sustainable development, especially goal number 4 – education.

All of us, regardless of where we come from, what we do, live together on one planet. That’s why we should, if we haven’t already, strategically, apart from the profit that drives development and innovation and ensures the stability of life, get involved and be part of global sustainable development goals such as the PRO PR conference.

Namely, in 2020, the Apriori World agency was awarded by IPRA (International Public Relations Association) and the UN (United Nations) as the first agency in the world for sustainable development goal number 10 – reducing inequality through the Golden Globe Contribution Awards, which obliges us to be ambassadors of sustainable development goals of development, which we are also doing through this conference.

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