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Borislav Miljanovic

Borislav Miljanovic, PhD

Represent System – Chief Executive Officer

Borislav Miljanovic is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Represent System, which comprises Represent Communications in Belgrade and Podgorica, Real Time Group and Dkit. The System consists of agencies specialised in business communication, providing overall support to companies in that process.

Before assuming the leading position in Represent System, Mr. Miljanovic was the founder and Managing Director of Represent Communications (former McCann Erickson Public Relations), and for more than ten years worked as a journalist and editor in many media outlets. He established the PR department of BK Group and the Royal Palace, as well as the official PR representative of HRH Crown Prince Alexander II. He also worked as an assistant professor of business communications at BK Faculty of Management.

Mr. Miljanovic graduated from the Faculty of Law and then completed postgraduate and PhD studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, where he is now a visiting scholar. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Serbian Public Relations Society (DSOJ), Ethics Committee of the Association of Corporate Directors of Serbia (UKDS), National Alliance for Local and Economic Development (NALED), Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), Serbian Lobbyist Association, and Serbian British Business Club. Mr. Miljanovic is the winner of the Award for Personal Contribution in the Area of Communications of the Serbian Public Relations Society, and the Award for Development of Marketing Thought of Taboo, a magazine specialised in marketing communications.


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