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Dubravka Jusić

14. December 2022.

Dubravka Jusić

Dubravka Jusić

Corporate Communications Director at Vipnet

Dubravka Jusić is a member of the core team that founded Vipnet in 1998 by laying the groundwork for one of the most successful companies in Croatia. From 2000 up to today she holds the position of the Corporate Communications Director in Vipnet. Her responsibilities are strategic communication, public relations and community relation, strengthening the brand and image of the company and the Group, development of corporate culture, corporate social responsibility and internal and crisis communication.

Until 2009, Mrs. Jusić managed the Corporate Communications of Mobilkom Austria Group during its strong regional expansion, intensively collaborating with teams from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Austria, Serbia and Belarus. From 2011 to 2013 she was the Internal Communications Director at A1 Telekom Austria. From 2013, alongside the function of the Director of Corporate Communications st Vipnet, she preforms the function of the Director of Internal Communications of Telecom Austria Group.

Mrs. Jusić became the President of the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Association of Public Relations (HUOJ) after the double tenure as teh President of HUOJ (2006-2010). During her term in the HUOJ she introduced processes of professionalization, launched PR library editions in Croatian and introduced annual award for public relations for the greatest achievements in the field of public relations in Croatia.

She completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School and Digital Marketing Strategy at Columbia University and she is a graduate of the first generation of Charted Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in Croatian and certified CIPR lecturer. She is a graduate of International Marketing at the business school INSEAD and a graduate of TAG Business School Leadership Academy. She is a member of VERN College Council and the Academic Council of the school for communication management Edward Bernays. She is also the regional coordinator of European Association of Communication Directors for Croatia.

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