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Ranko Jelača

2. October 2023.

Ranko Jelača

Ranko Jelača serves as a Marketing Director of the LESE zone in Lactalis (FRA) the global leader in Dairy, managing brands like Zuzu, Covalact, Dukat, President, Mu, Alpsko mleko, Ego, Galbani, Parmalat, Santal…

Ranko is a highly energetic person with a strong managerial background, senior-level international experience, and cross-sector exposure in B2B and B2C. For 2 decades he consistently works on innovation, developed new strategies, and is able to build and implement sophisticated plans.

Awarded with European and local honors, a regular speaker at industry conferences, congresses, and Universities across Europe.

Earlier in his career, he served as a CMO and CSO of Telekom Slovenije Group. Coming from FMCG  gave a different approach to developing a new IPTV platform NEO and launching diverse services like e-commerce. As a Marketing director of beverages and later sports food in Atlantic Grupa he managed and repositioned brands like Cockta, Donat, Cedevita, and Multipower. During his career in Kraš the leading regional confectionary group as a marketing director he worked on relaunching and rebranding established brands like Kiki, Domaćica, Bajadera, Čoksa… at the time of the big recession. He comes from a pure B2B marketing in a European insulation player Ursa (SPA) where he started his managerial career.

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