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Ratko Kovačević

14. December 2022.

Ratko Kovačević

Ratko Kovačević

Ratko Kovačević was born 1972 in Vinkovci, Croatia. Although he finished his Bachelor Degree in economy on Faculty of Hotel Business, University of Rijeka in 1997 and his Masters Degree in TV journalism on Media Plan Institute & High College of Journalism Lille, France in 2002 , he spent all of his career in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Before working as the Head of Communication and International Cooperation Department and the PR officer of the Indirect Taxation Authority(ITA) , he worked as a journalist, editor and a news presenter on the Public Broadcasting Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHT) in period from 2002 till 2004. While performing those jobs he encountered the problem of isolation and the lack of transparency in Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions. It was very difficult to obtain any kind of information and even harder to get statements from the competent officials.

That is exactly what he wanted to change upon his arrival to ITA in 2005 as their PR officer. From the beginning he made sure he was available 24/7 and always ready to answer any media questions on every topic that has been the subject of inquiries. Mindful of the fact that journalist receive their daily tasks in the morning editorial meetings and that they must complete them by a certain deadline, he particularly tried to answer all their questions and provide them with the information within the set deadlines. Also, he was always at their disposal to make statements for the purposes of the electronic media.

All the above mentioned are the reasons why for the two years in a row he was selected as the best PR officer by the Journalist Club Banja Luka (journalists from the newsrooms from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina stationed in Banja Luka).

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