22nd PRO PR Conference NEWS

Eleonora Albijanić

30. September 2023.

Eleonora Albijanić

Eleonora Albijanić has been practicing and managing all aspects of the public relations landscape for almost 30 years, in private and state-owned, domestic and international companies in Montenegro, in tourism, telecommunications, and energy sectors. She holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences, field journalism and PR.

Eleonora is also an experienced PR and CSR trainer and an independent PR consultant, she authored or co-authored a dozen communication/PR strategies for public entities/institutions, NGOs, and private companies.

Eleonora is one of the founders of the Strugar & Albijanić Institute for Education, communication, and consulting (S&A Communications) and is the main organizer of the CEPI PR school.

She is the first president of the Montenegro PR Association, the first PRO PR Award winner from Montenegro, at the moment heading the PRCA Southeast Europe Montenegrin Chapter and covering the position of Specialist for external communications in EPCG – a national energy power company.

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